Terms of Service

ღ General Information:

The following Terms of Service are used for sharing the information regarding possible commission work. These are the rules that I, the Artist, will follow when going about commission work, what I am willing to create, method of payment, delivery times, inconveniences, and so forth.

Please read these terms to avoid any confusion and/or misunderstandings from you or I.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; please feel free to contact me.


Thank you for your time!


ღ Payment and Refund Policy:

  • All pricing is in USD ($).

  • Payment is required before I will begin any work. 

    • If it is a larger commission, payments can be broken up into smaller chunks with different time and payment frames (upon discussion);

    • Or if you'd prefer to pay half upfront and the other half after the sketch is approved (upon discussion).

  • I can only accept payment through PayPal (unless I can find a different way to do something like a store type commission thing~)​.

    • I will ask for the email that is associated with your PayPal and send an invoice over for you to pay when you have a moment.

      • You will have a certain time limit to pay unless discussed of problems paying (i.e. Pay Period doesn't fall within that time limit).

      • You will then be placed in a "holding slot" until paid by said rearranged time limit; if not paid you will be dropped and will have to refill out my commissions form to be contacted again. 

  • Client's will be receiving a digital copy of their commission. You will NOT be receiving a physical good.

  • There are no refunds once work for the commission has started.


ღ Copyright Policy:

  • ALL commissions are non-commercial, personal use only.

    • All commissions made by I, the Artist, may not be used to make a profit--this includes but is NOT limited too:

      • apparel, stickers, art prints, enamel pins, merchandise in general; or in online stores, or other ways to make a profit, such as but is not limited to--StreamLabs Store, Design By Humans, RedBubble, and so on--unless discussed in advance of written permission(s) and payment(s) for the rights to use the work I made for profit.

  • I, the Artist, retain the rights to the work made (unless discussed/payments for the rights).

  • I, the Artist, reserve the right to refuse service to anyone; no questions asked.


ღ Deadlines and Waiting Times:

  • Commissions can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks to complete depending on complexity and revisions; and how long for communication between client(s) and artist.

    • If you wish to have your commission made by a certain deadline, a fee of Half to 65% of the original payment will be added to your price total depending on commission type and how soon the deadline is that you requested.


ღ Communication:

  • Communication of commission work will be handled through email unless otherwise stated/discussed in form/DM/PM.

ღ Work In Progress:​

  •  I will email/message you a sketch of your commission for you to look over and give me the "OK" on to continue. This is to check in and make sure there are no mistakes or extra revisions that need to be made before the progress of the work continues.

    • I usually have a 4 to 5 step process that I will usually send off as proof/W.I.P works in order: 

      • 1) Research and Preliminary Sketch; around 3 different options on posing, etc.

      • 2) Detailed Sketch of chosen Preliminary Sketch

      • 3) Line Work

      • 4) Base Colour

      • 5) Shadows and Lights (This is usually with the Colouring Phase.)

    • This will be provided as proof of work (unless a lot needs to be changed), if you wish for more updates on your commission you will have to message me or otherwise state that in the form​​


ღ Do's and Don'ts:​​

  • I am comfortable drawing MOST things and willing to learn NEW things!

    • If it is something I am not familiar with, I will do my best to provide the best work possible in unfamiliar territory.

    • I do not draw NSFW, Racism, Sexism, Political crap, etc., that is something I want no relation to with my art.

    • I also DO NOT Animate Emotes; so if you want animated emotes but want my style you are more than welcome to have an animator animate the emotes once the work is done! No need to contact me ahead of time!

      • If you are uncertain, just ask!​

  • If you wish to share my work via your website or other social media, please give credit where credit is due, by linking back to either my website or one of my social media accounts such as Twitter or Instagram @VampiressViolet.

  • I will provide a free panel that you can link directly back to my website if someone asks where you got your artwork created.​

  • Please do not ask for free works of art. I work very hard on the art I do and TIME = MONEY.

  • I do not accept exposure as a type of payment to pay for commission work nor do I accept subbing/donating to my twitch channel as a type of payment for commissions. If you want work done you need to commission me via my form on my website.

ღ Final Note: 

  • In your Form/DM/PM, PLEASE, provide as much detail as you possibly can such as but not limited to: reference links, photos, color themes, poses, outfits, etc. or if you're unsure just say so, so I can help you figure some of the details out!

  • A 24 hour grace period or longer, depending on time of day or day in general, may be needed in order to contact you concerning your commission.


These are the current terms of the Artist to Client and are subjected to change as time goes on. The terms of service are a binding contract between artist and client that once the payment has been made, you are in full agreement of the Terms of Service that have been provided to you to read upon and keep up to date with when using commissions made specifically for you.

Thank you for reading my Terms Of Service!

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