How To Commission

  • Please read my TERMS OF SERVICE before commissioning me.

  • To purchase a commission, fill out the form at the bottom in the 'Contact Me' or DM me it on Twitter @VampiressViolet or DM me over on Discord @VampiressViolet#1682.

  • Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only.​​

  • If I don't respond to your email/DM in 2 business days, please boop me on Discord.


Please send me this form and use the subject 'Commission':

✧ Type of commission & amount (ie. 3 Emotes): 
✧ Contact email: 
✧ PayPal email: 
✧ Description (please include pose, expression, colors, etc): 
✧ Reference (ie. of yourself or a character): 
✧ Deadline (if there isn't any then write N/A - Rush orders of 48h are extra fee of 65% of Order):

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